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Australian schools are amongst the best in the world awarding internationally recognised university entrance qualifications.


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Australia is a very safe country in which to live and study. Australians are very welcoming of international high school students.



IGO has managed and coordinated programs for students from over 40 countries and provide excellent in-country support for students and agents overseas.



An Experience for Life

Welcome to I GO Australia. Why not join the thousands of international students who have said IGO Australia and who have chosen to study in high schools in Australia each year? We offer our agents, students and parents excellent in country support. Check out our website for more details




The Board members and staff of IGOAustralia have extensive experience with international student programs. Our CEO is a former teacher and former director of an International School. He has been involved in secondary education in Australia and overseas for nearly 40 years. Our board members and staff have been exchange students, host families or have worked and lived overseas and speak several languages.

IGO Australia can offer schools, overseas partners, parents and students this wealth of knowledge and experience in managing programs for international students as well as expert advice on secondary schooling in Australia.



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The staff at IGO Australia can provide advice to partner organisations overseas and to parents and students about:

  • Up to date information about the education system and the home stay life style in Australia
  • The qualifications system in Australia and courses of study to meet individual student needs
  • How they can obtain the best value from their school education in Australia
  • How to choose a school which best meets the needs of particular students and their plans for further education
  • How to apply for the student visa to come to Australia
  • We can represent our overseas partners and their clients to the schools to clarify issues , concerns or information needed
  • The school system and qualifications in Australia and courses of study to meet individual needs

Such advice will provide our overseas partners and parents with the comfort of knowing that their son or daughter is well supported in australia as they will have the support of people who are very familiar with Australia’s education system and with the needs of young people living in a foreign culture and environment.

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The staff at IGO Australia can support schools in Australia in:

  • Providing the school with a local contact point of staff well experienced in the challenges international student face to assist them in dealing with any issues which may arise
  • Communicating with our overseas partners and natural parents to resolve issues or clarify information
  • Ensuring that students are carefully selected and suited to the environment and ethos of the school
  • Helping support students if needed with optional activities and orientations


A country like no other


The education systems in Australia and their schools are amongst the best in the world with world class internationally recognised university entrance qualifications. Our schools offer international students an excellent safe and academic environment in which to study. Our education systems encourage student centred learning activities with teachers helping students to develop their knowledge and skills rather than “instructing: students with information to be learned by rote.

Students have a wide choice of schools ranging from coeducational schools to single gender boys or girls only schools and a range of programs with specialist high schools in some areas in performing and creative arts and sports.

Australia is a very safe country with friendly people who make international students welcome. Australian families generally enjoy an outdoor life style. International students in high school may choose with live with a parent or close relative or with a homestay family from within the school community which been screened and background checked by the school in accordance with the Australian Government Schools International Homestay Standards.



In public schools fees are generally set by the education authorities in each state of Australia while private schools establish their own fee structure. The schools arrange homestay families and payments to them. Other costs include the cost of insurance, school uniforms, course materials and field trips.

IGO Australia can arrange comprehensive medical and travel insurance (includes lost baggage, missed transport connections, lost personal items) and airport meet and greet service.